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At Functional By Nature, we believe that every organism has a structural foundation written in its DNA and as Humans we have a biomechanical blueprint primarily catered towards standing and moving in a bipedal fashion (on two feet). To be more specific, we move in a three dimensional, unilateral fashion - forward, backward, side to side and in rotation (sagittal, frontal and transverse planes) - oscillating our weight from one side to another.

Besides breathing, it is quite likely that standing and walking are the most common actions performed by humans on a daily basis. This is where we should priortise the most when it comes to our training.

We train to become better adapted to the environment that we are in on a daily basis by conditioning the human body for it to move better, breathe deeper, be pain free and neurologically more adaptable to stress.

Through the use of muscular structural integration, we implement the physical aspects of biological sustainability to the human body. Thus, we are recreating the exact position in the environment that we are facing in our everyday life.

By integrating Functional Patterns methodology, we can move and perform without pain, and most importantly, sustain life for an extended period of time.

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