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Established in 2004, Singapore-based photography firm Studio Sago specializes in commercial, product and portrait photography. It is my second name and it allows people who I do not know to come into my life and share the beautiful world. Over 20 years of experience. I’m recognized for my expertise, keen artistic sense, and positive attitude.

I believe there is a reason we come to know each other, I believe we need to work hard to maintain the relationship, I believe the success is a process that we work hard together and achieve our common goal in a win-win situation, last but not least, I believe I can do my best to help you in achieve your goals.


SGD 300


2 pax


- Studio Setup
- 3 edited photo for each person
- Selected high resolution digital images returned


- Extra photo with editing $60 each

Terms & Conditions:

Licensing of photography:
- The ownership and copyright of all photographs (hardcopies) and digital files (soft copy) shall be vested with CLIENTS and are not to be used without CLIENTS permission under any circumstances.

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Terms & Conditions

We require 14 days cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival, otherwise we will charge you cancellation fee as below. 10% of your total amount will be charged if you do not notify us about your cancellation or any changes by 14 to 8 days before your scheduled arrival.

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