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Spread by GSH Conserves is a line of jams and condiments that celebrates the greatness of seasonal produce that we can find in our region. Doing so reduces wastage and ‘food miles’ while supporting local and regional industries. Made proudly in Singapore, we want to spread the word that our food choices can be made consciously to conserve our environment.

Our jams are hand-made with 100% real fruit and always contain more fruit than sugar, with no added additives, flavouring or preservatives. All you get is a bite of sweet, punchy conserved fruit. Jams are traditionally thought to go mainly with toast or scones but we also want to share our creative uses of these jams. Depending on the flavour, it can be used not only on pastries, but also as a dip for finger food, as a marinate, made into a salad vinaigrette, flavour yoghurt and ice-cream etc. After many tastings, we find these combinations are the best:

Passionfruit - The clear people’s choice, this jam’s bright and refreshing taste just makes you want more. Goes great to flavor yogurt with some summer berries or crackers w cheese

Dragonfruit Lychee - This eye catching jam matches the delicate taste of dragonfruit with the punchy flavour of lychee. This jam goes well with cream and scones, or with vanilla ice-cream and yoghurt.

Mango & Lime - Mangoes were a familiar and integral part of my childhood days, growing up in sleepy Siglap. The honeyed accents of mango meld perfectly with the tartness of lime in this versatile, yet robust jam. It’s fantastic for a fuss-free marinate for roast chicken or as a dipping sauce for grilled shrimp or fritters

Spiced Pumpkin - Both sweet and savoury, this jam is spiced with cinnamon and cardamon to give it a kick. It performs superbly on toast with salted butter, to balance the savoury in a meat sandwich & as a flavouring for an autumn salad dressing

Pineapple - This pineapple jam was created to preserve the comforting taste of homemade pineapple tarts. Pineapple jam can be used to be mixed into a salad dressing or as a condiment for some crispy roast pork or turkey

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For normal orders, cancellation is required 3 days in advance. For customised orders, cancellation will based on agreement upon confirmation.

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