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Spinacas is an online healthy food delivery service specialising in hearty salads and bentos. We want to show that healthy food can be delicious as well! What makes our salads special is that we include a large portion of meat, transforming the humble salad from a side to a full on protein-packed, low-carb meal. We also cook all our meats in-house, so that we can control the quality and flavours exactly how we want. Our bentos are perfect for those who still want to eat our delicious meats, but with some carbs as well. All bentos come with a savoury brown rice and a cooked vegetable side. Spinacas delivers to many locations in Singapore.

Average response time: 6 days


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In the event of cancellation, please inform us at least 3 days in advance. If order is placed less than 3 days, there will be no cancellation or refunds provided.

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