Service Detail (Buffets)

About the Vendor

Gone are the days of handcrafted, wholesome, old-style, soul food. Consumers of today are fed commercially produced food, lacking in nutrition when it comes to catering. The Gourmetz team, with more than two decades of experience decided to come together to create a kitchen that is designed for authentic cooking, a team that is dedicated to fine cuisine and a company that is full of people who takes pride in the food we make.

Merely great tasting is not sufficient for Gourmetz. Passionate about the little people and the silver age, Gourmetz cuisine must attain the optimum hygiene standards along with endorsement by certified nutritionist. In order to achieve this, Gourmetz is equipped with state-of-the art equipment and refined processes with the support of Neo Group. Embracing healthier cooking methods, our wholesome, professionally balanced menus contain no added MSG.

At Gourmetz, we love people. Through listening to ideas, suggestions, feedbacks and going the extra miles and smiles, we continually redefine the dining experience in order to bring our customers on a fun filled, gastronomical expedition. Coupled with impeccable service and characteristic food, our dynamic and versatile team pledge to provide customers with the ultimate experience.

Terms & Conditions

1. Cancellation of catering services must be notified to us in writing/fax/email at least 3 days before your function date. No cancellations through phone is allowed unless as stated otherwise. 2. The customer is liable to compensate Gourmetz 50% of the total costs should he/she cancel the order less than 3 days before the function date. 3. The customer is liable to compensate Gourmetz 100% of the total buffet costs should he/she cancels the order less than 1 day from the function date.

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