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Working from home or playing from home -CRAFT BEER WILL SAVE THE DAY!

Just add beer and the FUN ARRIVES!!! 🍺

1L Craft Beer Bombers

DELIVERED straight to your door!

Heart of Darkness is all about duality. Good and evil. Sane and insane. Big, bold, crafted brews that will challenge the way you think about beer. Thirst quenching, session beers that will have you bouncing off the walls. Hop bombs that will give you a kick-to-the-teeth, while still being balanced and delicious. Whatever your taste, we’ve got it….

Our taproom is a communal eating and drinking experience, built around a vibrant, passion-filled menu and our tasty brews. We’ll have 20 taps on-site with 10 tried-and-true flagships, and 10 rotator taps - there will always be something new to tickle your taste buds. We put a whole lot of love into every brew, and our relentless pursuit of quality means that we use only the finest ingredients from around the globe. We are prolific brewers - having brewed over 220 different styles of craft beer since we opened in October 2016.


SGD 74.99



NEW 3-PACK 1L Bombers!!!

All good things come in THREES!

Dream Alone (Pale Ale)
Futile Purpose (Cucumber Pilsner)
Kurtz Insane (IPA)


For pick up or delivery.
Delivery fee varies depending on your location.

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