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Service Detail (Kid's Party Planner)

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We offer costumed characters for shows & games parties, plus we have CJ the Bubbles Girls amazing bubble shows.


SGD 500

Exclusive to Delegate



CJ's Magical Bubble Stage Show
30 minutes

(20-30 minute show) CJ Bubble’ , ‘Bubble Lara’ or ‘RayRay Bubble’
Air Con ZERO Breeze Environments ONLY
o Tricks inc; smoke & helium bubbles, cake & flower bubble, square & flat bubbles
o Invisible bubble, volcano bubble, ping pong bubble
o Foamy Sculptures, Foamy Party Hats
o Bubble dance & giant bubbles
o Audience participation
o You-inside-a-Bubble

Technical requirements:-
• ZERO Breeze Environment ONLY
• 1x head mic or lapel mic (no hand held as my hands are covered in soap solution)
• Use of your sound system & technician to play my backing track.
• No breezes over the bubble show area. All fans to be directed away from show area.
• I will conduct a bubble test to check for breezes 5 mins before show starts.
• 5 minutes set up time of stage with plastic sheeting etc. So the MC will have to any fill segments by standing off stage/ mingling.
• 5 minutes to clear away after the show.

SGD 38


Valid till 31 Aug 2020


Family Stays Together Bubbleology Kit

Learn why bubbles are so colourful and why bubbles pop.
Learn to predict when a bubble will pop - great game for all the family.
Learn why bubbles are spheres and how to create square, cube even tetrahedron shaped bubbles
All from the safety of your dining room table
Kit includes:
• 1x tray & 2x straws
• 3x bottle of CJ’s giant bubble juice (120ml each)
• 3x printed laminate worksheets (double sided; 6 designs to follow)
• Pipe cleaners & skinny straws - to make 3D frame
• Straws & cotton string - to make 2D frame
• Pipe cleaner, chopstick & beads - to make bubble blower
• 1x Bubbleology Booklet
• 2x Bubbleology Worksheets

***Shipping fee is included in the price***

How To Redeem:

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• Name:
• Recipient (if not the same as above):
• Delivery address:
• Preferred time and date of delivery:
• Confirmation number of purchase:
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